Marina Heights Title Lending

Taking out a loan won’t be difficult or confusing with title loans in Kansas City. Marina Heights Title Lending makes it easy with a short application that only requires information about your automobile and how to contact you. The vehicle information is used to secure the loan, so you can look forward to a generous loan offer with the best interest rate. The cash from a car title loan can be spent on anything the borrower desires like paying rent and utilities, making home repairs or buying groceries. Customers are responsible for paying the principal, interest and any fees associated with the loan. To receive loan funds, you have to sign a legal contract agreeing to make payments. We can complete the entire loan process and distribute the funds in about 24 hours or sometimes sooner. If you are slipping behind on bills or need cash for something special, you might want to learn more about auto title loans and how they work.

Application Process

Application Options to Save Time & Money

Everyone seems to have busy schedules these days, so we try to offer a number of methods to apply for title loans in Kansas City. Our representatives are more than ready to take your application information over the phone. If you are comfortable using a computer, you are welcome to fill out a short online application any time. Our staff would be happy to assist you with an application at a local Kansas City loan store.

Meeting the Title Loan Requirements to Get a Loan

• Marina Heights Title Lending requires customers to be the legal owner of a working vehicle. In addition, we require a lien free title to the vehicle, which is in your name for collateral purposes.

• To afford your loan payments, you will need to have an income source of some kind. We accept a huge variety of income sources, so most folks don’t have problems with this requirement.

• State regulations do require that anyone taking out a loan is the legal age of 18.

Filling in the Title Loan Application

If you have about five spare minutes, you have enough time to complete your application. Listed below is all the information you’ll need to fill in:

• Your name.

• A telephone number.

• Zip code.

• The model of your automobile.

• The make.

• The body style.

• The year.

• An estimate of your vehicle’s mileage.

Incidentally, auto title loan applications are processed rather quickly, so you can expect a phone call from a representative at Marina Heights Title Lending within an hour or so of applying.

In the meantime, you can look over a free upfront loan estimate that we’ll send out for your consideration. If the amount is close to what you need, we hope you’ll proceed with the loan process. However, if the amount falls short of your expectations, you are not under any obligation to continue with the process.

How the Loan Process Work

Looking at the Features, Benefits & Perks for Auto Title Loans

• Quick cash in hours instead of days. Most loans are easily paid out in just a couple of hours. However, there may be times where it could take as long as 24 hours to pay out the loan.

• Borrowers appreciate our efforts to provide centrally located loan stores for their convenience. You can stop by any time to ask questions, discuss loan needs with a loan representative, drop off a payment or close on a loan.

• Marina Heights Title Lending does not monitor or place any restrictions on borrowers when spending loan funds.

• Customers who are making payments on time have continued use of their vehicles during the entire loan process.

• Fortunately, state auto title loan regulations in Missouri allow a full 30 days to repay loans. If more time is needed, it is also possible to renew the loan.

• If your vehicle has low mileage and is in reasonable condition, you might qualify for a loan offer for as much as $5,000.

• Contracts for title loans in Kansas City are written according to Missouri car title loan laws, which help to protect consumers from unfair practices.

• State laws also allow consumers to pay off title loans early without incurring extra fees or expenses.

Stepping Through the Loan Process

• There aren’t any out-of –pocket expenses to apply for a vehicle title loan.

• As soon as applications are received, we respond with a loan estimate to help you decide if a loan could be helpful to your financial situation.

• Rather than asking customers to drive to a branch location, we call customers on the phone to conduct the loan interview. This takes only a few minutes to complete. We hope you’ll be prepared to discuss your income and what you prefer in the way of payments. Our representative will work to qualify you for the loan and provide information about the loan closing.

• At the loan store, we will present you with a contract, which summarizes your loan agreement. The contract will contain all the terms of the loan, the cost to the borrower and when payments are due.

• The borrower needs to confirm their age and hand in their car title to receive loan funds.

Is a Vehicle Title Loan A Better Option?

Most car title loan customers have researched other loan options and have come to the conclusion that auto title loans offered a few better options over other types of loans. For instance, a car title loan allows folks to repay the loan over a full thirty days with renewals. Payday loans require full payment with the very next paycheck.

Unsecured loans and payday loans usually have high interest rates and aren’t competitive. On the other hand, secured title loans in Kansas City automatically come with competitive interest rates saving customers’ money.

Take advantage of title loans in Kansas City for quick cash today.